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How do you ship items?  How fast will it arrive?

I am able to ship anywhere in the US for free, but do not ship internationally at this time.  I utilize USPS Retail Ground and can take between 2-10 business days to arrive.    

Do you accept special requests or commissions?

I am unable to fulfill custom orders or commissions, due to my creative process


Can I return or exchange a purchase?

I do not accept returns or exchanges at this time unless an item arrives broken.  If you would like more information on a product, please contact me and include the SKU.  In shipping, I use the double-box method to ensure that fragile pieces are very unlikely to break.   If you do receive an item broken in the packaging, please contact me at  Please include photos with your email. 

What is the best way to display a luminary?

Luminaries can provide interest in daylight and at night.  

DAY: place the luminary between  you and a strong light-source.  That may be a window, skylight, or strong lamp.  The light will pass through the top and back of the piece.  If you place your luminary in a location with no light behind it or above it (i.e. bookcase), it will not light up.  I encourage people to try it in a few places to find your favorite spot.

NIGHT: simply use a regular candle or battery-powered candle to light the piece.  A battery-powered candle is not as bright, so I recommend a traditional candle.  Each luminary purchased comes with a candle.

How do I clean the luminary?  Does the wax come out?

Simply hand wash as needed.  Do not put in the dishwasher. 

Yes, the wax comes out quite easily.  When you have a pool of wax in your luminary, it should just pop right out with your fingers.  If needed, run the luminary under some warm (not hot) water to soften the wax before removing.

How are luminaries made?

Please take a look at my Artist page to see more about my process!   

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